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    Lite Vs Pro Version Comparison

    Since the day of Launch of Edu Expression Pro. almost every buyer was asking the difference between both versions. So here is it.


    What’s not in Lite Version 

    1. It don’t have export import options for Questions / Student Data
    2. It does not support Multiple User Levels
    3. Core Translation is missing.
    4. No MathJax (Education Support)
    5. No Mobile (Android) Application
    6. Custom Email / SMS Templates
    7. Exam Mode (Ability to Randomize Question Bank for Preparation Exam) is missing.
    8. and many other advance settings are not in the package.


    Who can use Lite Version ?

    Lite version was the initial release with minimal Online Examination Functionality. Due to a lot of core modification in the framework we decided to separate the version and named it pro. You can try the lite version here  to check if it is fulfilling your need.


    Marketing Note : Pro version is highly recommend as it contribute more in sales targets : )