Edu Expression

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    Installation Guide

    System Requirement

    1. PHP 5.4x or higher
    2. MYSQL 4x or higher
    3. PDO Extension
    4. GD Library (Optionally Recommended )



    Installation of Edu Expression can be done in 4 easy steps.

    • Upload and Unzip the Package
    • Visit the unzipped package location through your browser. For example if you uploaded the package at you need to open this location through browser.



    Step 1 : Requirement Checking

    Installation Requirement

    Ensure you are having correct permission and required settings to run this application. Click Next to Proceed to Step Two.


    Step 2 : License Agreement.

    Read the License Agreement carefully and accept to agree and proceed.



    Step 3: Connection to Database

    Database Setting for Edu Expression
    Provide the Database Access Credentials to connect Edu Expression.


    Step 4: Setting up Application.

    Settings Edu Expression First Time
    and click Install. It’s done.

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