Edu Expression

Bulk Upload/Download Questions from CSV (Export/ Import)

The questions can be exported/imported to/from CSV from Question tab in the Admin in bulk.

The sample file of the csv for reference is attached with this User Manual.

Qtype_id: Question Type

  • M for Multiple Choice Questions
  • S for Subjective Question
  • T for True and False Question
  • F for Fill in the blanks Question

Diff_id: Question Difficultly Level

  • M for Medium
  • E for Easy
  • D for Difficult

Questions / Options: Add Questions and Options here

Marks /Negative Marks: Describe the marks and negative marks in respective columns.

Hint/ Explanation: Provide hint and/or explanation to questions here

Answers: Option Number in case of Objective Question and answers in case of Fill in the Blanks or True & False type questions.


Download Sample CSV here