An online examination system which is powerful and easy at the same time.

The most Cost Effective Online Examination System

Edu Expression is a powerful online examination software equipped with feature to manage or conduct any kind of exam. Written in CakePHP with Bootstrap , it is light weight, flexible and extremely easy to use.

It has interactive Admin Dashboard with graphical system summery in innovative carts, easy to use exam creator with dozen of settings to control exams and result, in depth reporting and performance analysis system and configurable system settings.

For student, the option are obvious and self explanatory to make the exam experience more pleasant and comfortable. The results are in details and in graphical charts to provide interactive report in easy to understand manner.

Open Source

Responsive Design

No Feature Lock

Secure Framework

Well documented

Easy Administration

No more confusion of same Subject for different groups any more. Option to create multiple subjects of same name with different group belonging is so easy with Edu Expression.
Create custom role for users, define user levels and can do a lot more. You can even enable disable features for particular users/teachers using Modular Rights Permission Form easily.
No more confusion of same Subject for different groups any more. Option to create multiple subjects of same name with different group belonging is so easy with Edu Expression.

Question Types

Objective/Subjective , True False & Fill the Blanks.

Difficultly Level

Categorize question on Easy, Media & Hard

Hint & Explanation

To provide extra assistant during/after exam

Advance Editor

Tiny Mice Editor Equipped with MathsJax

Export / Import

Questions to/from CSV/Excel

Manage Groups, Student and Transactions with ease.

Smooth Student Management

Edu Expression provide a very easy to use Student Management option where you can easily search student records and access the profile and traction at the same time with ease. Doing task such as
  • Enrolling New Students
  • Managing Student Profiles
  • Access and Updates to Student E-Wallet
  • Access to Student Transaction Records
  • Export / Import of Student Data
  • Group Record Managements
very easily.

Create most flexible and controlled Online Examination Environment for your students.

Powerful Online Examination Creator

Attempt Count : Define the number of time a student can attempt create exam for each exam separately.

Auto Publish Exams : Automatically Publish , Unpublished Exam by selecting the data and time for each exam.

View Answer Sheet : Allow student or view answer-sheet for each exam. You can easily switch between yes or no.

Marking / Negative Marking : Allow or Disallow Negative Marking for each exam by selecting the option.

Free / Paid Exam : You can create paid exam and define fee for each exam which can be deducted from student E-Wallet during the attempt.

Random Questions : Randomize the sequence of student for each exam.

Browser Tolrance : Prevent student for switching, minimizing the browser window, during the exam by enabling this option.

Expiry Date : Create an Expiry Date for Exam in Days for auto expiry.

Result After Finish : Allow student to get instant result after the exam.

Type of Exams :
Exam Mode : Chose the Question Manually from Question Bank. Each Student will get same question in this mode.
Preparation Mode :
Randomly pick the amount of question from question bank each time student appear the exam.

PDF Result

Detailed Results for each Exam.


Auto generate certificates


Get Performance Analysis for each student


Instant ranking among all student.

More settings to go.

Additional Features


Integrated CMS to manage Pages


Inbuilt SEO settings


Support Translation


PayPal API included.


Internal and SMTP