Installation Guide

Edu Expression Installation Guide

Installation Flow

  1. Login your Envato / CodeCanyon Account
  2. Go to My Download Sections to Find Edu Expression Product to Download the Zip File.
  3. Also Download the Purchase Code. You can also contact customer support for Duplicate Code or Lost Purchase code in case of direct purchase or purchased from Resellers.


System Requirement

  •  PHP up to 7x version
  • MYSQL 4x or higher
  • PDO Extension
  • GD Library (Optionally Recommended )


Pre Configuration :

  1. Upload and Unzip the Files on your server directory. For Example your website URL is : and you want edu expression to be accessed as yourwebsite/onlineexamination/ so you can unzip Edu Expression file in onlineexamination directory.


Installation Steps

Step One :  System Requirement Check 

  1. This screen will check for the required configuration and libraries to run Edu Expression Web Script smoothly.
  2. The Label Mark with Green are the configuration required and available by the server system.
  3. If the labels are marked with Red or Orange , the Server Configuration , Resources or Settings required changes.


Step Two : Installation Agreement 

edu expression installation agreement

  1. This step required license agreement acceptance to run the installation. It’s essential to read the license agreement before installation.


Step Three : Database Credentials 

Edu Expression Installation Database Requirement

  1. Host Name: Generally Localhost or provided by your Server Provider.
  2. Database Name: Name of the Database created for this installation.
  3. DB User: User name associated with the above database
  4. DB Password : Password for above user name
  5. Database Type : Database Engine Type

Test Connected to Proceed.


Step Four

edu expression installation settings


  1. Site Name : Name of your website (shows in Title bar)
  2. Meta Keyword : Meta keyword for your website for better performance in Search Results
  3. Meta Description : Meta Description for your website for better performance in Search Results
  4. Time Zone : Select your time zone for Exam timing and auto publish, unpublished options
  5. Organization Email : Name of your College or Institute
  6. Organization Email: Admin Email to receive notifications and alerts


Done ! 

Once the Edu Expression Product is Installed Successfully on your Server. The Last Screen will provide a Pre Created Credentials to access Admin Interface and Student Dashboard  i.e.  admin / admin for user and password for admin access and / demo123 for student Dashboard access.


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Last updated on September 6, 2021
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